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Results are key to the success of Aleandria Teaching, and these testimonials are tribute to that:

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I contacted Dr Wendy Creed through a tutoring agency during the second year of my sixth form courses. Due to a mix up, I was forced to take both the AS and A2 levels of history in 9 months. During the time that I worked with Wendy she gave excellent lessons which were extremely well prepared. Also, her friendly no pressure attitude made me feel at ease instantly. Furthermore, she was able to provide in depth answers to any questions that I asked, as well as provide me with references to support her answer. After a handful of lessons both my confidence and ability had improved drastically, and I eventually received a high B grade for both the AS and A2 levels. I feel that the time and effort that Dr Creed puts into her work and her students is in my opinion second to none, and anybody considering contacting Dr Creed should not hesitate to do so.