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Results are key to the success of Aleandria Teaching, and these testimonials are tribute to that:

Thomas | Alex | Kristina | Prof. Williams

After scoring a grade E in an Ireland AS module I realised that I needed professional help and quickly if I was to achieve my goals! My Dad was put in touch with Wendy ... Very soon my understanding of the subject began to improve on a monumental scale. With Wendy's help, I was tutored on how to write essays properly and also how to approach and execute exam essay questions to an A grade standard. After 2-3 tutorials per week, I re-sat the Ireland module, and my mark jumped to a C grade. This gave me a benchmark to push off from in my final re-sit of the paper, and in summer 2011, I achieved an A grade. I know that I could not have done this without her help.

Wendy also aided my progression with an Extended Project I completed on Alexander The Great, in which I scored an A grade, which ultimately led to me being offered a place at York University, where I am now studying Historical Archaeology.

Wendy was definitely the best thing that happened to me during my 2 years at Sixth Form College. She kept me focused and her incredible patience was invaluable when I found it difficult to understand the topic.

I know I could not have done half as well as I did in my History A-level studies if I hadn't had her there to help and guide me along the way.