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Results are key to the success of Aleandria Teaching, and these testimonials are tribute to that:

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I supervised Dr. Wendy Creed's PhD., and subsequently mentored her as a lecturer at the University of Greenwich. Wendy had already had many years experience in training, so she came to the classroom at the University confident in her ability to succeed. She was teaching a wide age range of students from very different backgrounds, and with a relatively wide range of abilities. The results she achieved were excellent, and the feed-back from students and from staff involved with her work was entirely positive.

Wendy is enthusiastic and positive about everything she does; her preparation for her teaching was exemplary, and she worked hard with those who found the subject difficult. She has excellent personal skills, and her results showed very clearly that she was able to encourage weaker students, while the more able students were inspired to improve their performance. She always had time for students who were serious about improving their grades no matter what their ability, but what was most important, she was able to communicate her own commitment and love for the subject to the class as a whole. This became clear from feed-back very soon after she had started to teach. Wendy brought the same originality, underpinned by knowledge and method, to the class room that she did to the task of researching her thesis. Her students enjoyed her company, respected her commitment and impressive work-rate, and were all academically enriched as a consequence.

John Williams, Professor of Literary Studies,
University of Greenwich (retired 2010)